Radiant Player

for Google Play Musicâ„¢

Turn Google Play Music into a separate, beautiful application that integrates with your Mac.

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No affiliation with Google. Requires Mac OS X 10.8 or above, and Adobe Flash Player.
Release notes for Radiant Player v1.3.3:

My apologies! In a major oversight, I managed to include the usage of a OS X 10.10 only method which appears to be causing crashes on OS X 10.9 and below. This new version contains that fix!

It also contains a new feature, which is a preference that allows you to show the current song's album art as the dock icon! Many thanks to @matthewlloyd for that one.

Release notes for Radiant Player v1.3.2:

This release took a ridiculous amount of time, my apologies!

New features:

  • Introduce release channels stable and beta, which can be changed in the Preferences menu
  • New style, Light (thanks @stevenla)
  • Warn user when Flash plug-in is out-of-date and blocked
  • Mini player can be undocked by dragging it away from the menu


  • Dramatically improved CPU performance
  • Use high-quality album art for mini-player (fixes #270)
  • Fix thumbs and star ratings (fixes #245, #250, #254)
  • Asynchronously load album art for notifications (fixes #262)
  • Many, many others!

Many thanks to all of the contributors and users! With the creation of the beta release channel, it should be easier to get new features out to users to test without harming the experience of users who want the stable product.

Media keys

Control your music without having to switch applications. Radiant Player responds to the media keys built into your Mac, allowing you to easily control the playback of your music no matter what you're doing.


Get notifications whenever the currently playing song changes.

Mini player

Use the mini player in the system menu bar to control your music without interrupting you.
Alternate between mini player sizes by clicking on the album art.

Last.fm Integration

Update your Now Playing status and scrobble tracks to Last.fm.

Adjustable appearance

Use custom styles built into Radiant Player to make it look beautiful and integrated into your system, or stick with Google's original theme.

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